Bloom Global is a specialist food domain consultancy. We serve businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups. We bring decades of experience in consulting for food businesses.

The Bloom Difference:

Bloom is disrupting the highly commoditised food industry with advanced analysis, deep insights, and operational excellence. We bring decades of experience, knowledge, and industry connections to bear in our client engagements. Our specialist know-how will help your business expand, innovate, and enter new markets.


Build the foundational capacity to scale your business. We help you understand the shift your business needs to make and then help you execute it.


Innovate with strategic interventions. We challenge, reimagine, and disrupt business models to help your organization thrive in the long term.


Open up new worlds for your business. Our expertise extends the possibilities of your business, enabling access to new geographies and opportunities.

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The More Philosophy

One word that can describe Bloom is more. We do more than is expected of us, whether it is with deep analysis, extensive operations, or ongoing consulting support, we deliver more for your business.

Driven by a simple philosophy, we believe in translating bold ideas into action that results in exponential yields. We simplify complex problems for our partners, whether you operate in the field, or from the corneroffice of a retail conglomerate.

Bloom considers a project successful only when it delivers a meaningful impact for our partners. And we keep working until it does.


Bloom exercises radical transparency with all our partners. We are committed to ethical practices and operate via collective decision making.

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Value Maximisation

We work very hard to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, trimming down inefficiencies, and maximising value.


Bloom’s extensive suite of services helps our partners achieve optimum output from their processes, supply, and value chains.

The Bamboo Principle

The Chinese bamboo tree has one of the longest gestation periods known to humanity. The nut is planted and must be tended to with great care every day for 5 years before it sprouts. If there are any gaps in its care, it perishes invisibly underground. But once it sprouts, that’s when the magic begins. In a period of merely 6 weeks, it towers to the great height of nearly 90 feet tall.

This is how Bloom envisions a successful engagement with our partners. We analyse your business challenges and work assiduously to nurture solutions that work. Each project is unique and we devote as much time and attention it demands to deliver the most impact.

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