Bloom Global is a specialist food domain consultancy. We serve businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups. We bring decades of experience in consulting for food businesses.

The Bloom way

This is what a typical consulting engagement looks like:


However, most consulting engagements terminate before the critical phase of the project – implementation.

The breadth of Bloom’s experience is reflected in multi-decade experience solving challenges and opening up markets for Food companies of all sizes from global powerhouses to start-ups.

Managing Business-Critical Costs

At Bloom, we have done away with legacy business models. We help reduce your reliance on unnecessary processes.Our business model will help you drive cascading change across these three business-critical costs:

  • • Financial
  • • Time
  • • Complexity

The result? A lean and agile engagement model, geared towards optimized performance.

The Bloom Global services portfolio includes the following key solutions and more:

Market Access

Marketing intelligence

Identifying ideal retail partners


Access to capital

Supply Logistics

Channel management

Operational support

See how we infused innovation into fresh juices
The Bloom Model is based on 4 fundamental pillars:


We help you build organisational capacity for innovative and disruptive ways of operating.



We help optimise your supply chains in a world full of operational and regulatory complexity.



We show businesses the opportunity in integrating their processes horizontally and vertically.



When businesses need scale, either operationally or in marketing, Bloom is there to help.

See how we helped Ching’s become an instant hit in Toronto

Bloom brings unparalleled value in the following areas:

Global retail partnership

Bloom has worked with some of the largest global retailers in the world. Walmart, Tesco, Metro, and the Future Group are just some of the retailers we have served in one of the toughest industries – modern retail.

Export-import expertise

Bloom has extensive advisory and operational experience in many diverse markets. This helps us bring unique insights and advantages into the logistics, legal, commercial, marketing, and sales side of the business.

Market Intelligence

Bloom’s experience in the food industry helps you gain invaluable cultural and business insights. This allows us to expedite project turnaround times, ensuring we consistently deliver better value to our clients.

See how we helped Ching’s become an instant hit in Toronto

Branding Power

Whether it is an advisory capacity, or taking over the operations of a project, Bloom’s extensive experience in many diverse markets gives us unique insights and advantages into the logistics, legal, commercial, marketing and sales functions.