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Gateway to India

The whole world is keen to participate in the India growth story, particularly in the rapidly blossoming food industry of the fast-developing nation.

Here are the 2 biggest opportunities:


Indian Food and Retail market is projected to touch $ 828.92 bn.


Indian annual household consumption to treble, making India the world’s
5th largest consumer.

India is a vast and complex nation with multiple languages, cultures and customs. A complicated legal framework and challenging compliance mechanisms pose significant risks for food majors looking to operate in India.

Bloom brings deep insights into India, international best practices, infrastructure capabilities, and financial compliance of a standard that attracts global food companies to partner with us to grow their footprint in India.

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Decoding a billion customers

India is a billion-strong melting pot of enormous diversity. That diversity is multiplied manifold across tens of thousands of villages and considerable cultural differences.

Bloom helps businesses navigate a complex regulatory landscape, overcome infrastructure issues, and ensure ease of doing business. Most importantly, we help our clients understand the nuances that define the cultural character of the land.