Bloom Global is a specialist food domain consultancy. We serve businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups. We bring decades of experience in consulting for food businesses.

Case Studies 01

Reinventing the fresh fruits category

Fruitsy – Bloom Global launches a fruit supply chain management business

Fruitsy is one of the most successful ventures spearheaded by Bloom Global. An end-to-end fruit supply chain management company, Fruitsy has brought a new way of doing business in the fresh fruits segment in India.

Fruitsy’s comprehensive sales model is built around global partnerships with billion-dollar big-box store chains. Sourcing fresh fruits from some of the largest fruit growers from across the Americas and Europe, Fruitsy leverages its own wholesale and distribution network to fulfill the large order requirements of modern retail behemoths.

Fruitsy has pioneered a hands-on approach to business, providing support to all stakeholders to help them grow in an ethical and sustainable manner. As a result, Fruitsy has grown rapidly in a short space of time to emerge as a leading partner to brands across the world.

Case Studies 02

Bringing Broetje back to India

Bloom helped Broetje Orchards rediscover its appetite for selling apples to India

Broetje Orchards is a recognized leader in the apple industry and for over 25 years was one of the largest privately owned apple orchards in the United States. It is the largest individually owned orchard and packhouse in Washington state. Known for its quality benchmarks and charitable work, Broetje's brand First Fruits enjoyed tremendous equity in India.

Within a few years, however, the brand faced significant challenges on the quality and branding front. Bloom partnered with Broetje Orchards in 2015 to revive its India market strategy.

We leveraged our partnerships with Indian institutional sellers like Tesco, Big Bazaar, and Metro to create new customers for the brand. And to show Broetje we meant business, Bloom bore the financial risk on our own. Imposing rigorous quality standards, we ensured that Broetje could command a premium for its quality.

What's more, we created markets for two new Broetje brands - America's Best Choice and Sun Delicious apples.

As a result of Fruitsy's engagement, Broetje's India business is back to its peak, and we have set ambitious targets of taking it to 10x within 4 years.

Case Studies 03

Getting the worlds to bite into Opal apples

Bloom gets exclusive rights to market and supply of its proprietary Opal apple variety

Broetje Orchards, the largest individually-owned orchard, and packhouse in Washington state gave us the mandate to bring Opal apples to India. Opal apples are naturally yellow in appearance. Interestingly, Indians tend to believe that yellow is an indicator of ripeness, meaning the end of its shelf life. Opal apples are also an heirloom variety, and they are not perfect in appearance. The perception of "over-ripe" and imperfect fruits made our task of finding buyers a huge challenge. To address this, we created a customized consumer-education programme, coupled with a staff-raining programme to highlight the unique benefits of Opal apples: its unusual anti-oxidizing property, and its crisp and sweet taste.

We then launched a massive sampling campaign to demonstrate these features. In addition to this, we launched an influence campaign with Bollywood celebrities to amplify buzz.

Today, Opal is loved by Indians and is rapidly growing its market share.

Case Studies 04

Helping Atlante create their fresh produce business

Bloom helped packaged foods major find success in the fresh foods category

Atlante SRL is one of Italy’s most prominent packaged food companies, sourcing the highest-quality food from all over the world into Italy. However, Atlante did not have a fresh produce category and they were advised by Bloom of the large opportunity this presented them.

Bloom’s engagement with Atlante began after extensive due diligence on both the part of Atlante and Bloom. The years of on-ground knowledge and experience of Bloom, married with the logistics expertise of Atlante was a match made in heaven. We leveraged our partnerships with leading Indian retail chains to put in place a strong go-to-market strategy for Atlante. Bloom helped Atlante establish an entirely new vertical in their business and has been with them from the inception of the idea.

Over a few short months, we've helped Atlante ship over a hundred containers of high-quality Italian apples to India. Inspired by the phenomenal result in such a short space of time, Atlante has set a very ambitious 3-year revenue target from the Indian market.

Case Studies 05

Achieving inorganic growth in the organics business

Bloom helped organic food start-up establish their supply chain and brand

Organics Bazaar was importing Indian staples for the large expat population in Toronto. The two biggest issues faced by the start-up were traceability and compliance with global standards of organic staples and access to big-box retailers.

They faced other challenges too, like sourcing high-quality, reliable, and certified organic food items. They also needed help in marketing their business effectively.

Bloom leveraged its extensive supplier network to develop a reliable pipeline of certified organic staples including jaggery, flattened rice, spices, wheat flour, rice, lentils, and many more. We brought the start-up market insights that helped them source the highest quality products, with authentic flavours that were being sought by the most discerning buyers.

We also rebranded Organics Bazaar to Bloom Organics. The refreshed brand was marketed as the ultimate destination for discerning buyers seeking distinctively Indian flavour profiles.

The result was a 10x growth and Bloom becoming synonymous with Indian origin organic food in Canada.

Case Studies 06

Instant success: Capital food’s entry into North America

Bloom helps Indian instant food major break into saturated North America

market Capital Foods has a global footprint that spans the USA, the UK, Canada, the Middle East (Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait), Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Congo and Angola).

And it is one of the biggest instant food makers in one of the largest markets in the world – India, Capital Foods owns the Ching’s, and Smith & Jones brands. Their instant noodles, sauces, soups, and chutneys are a runaway hit. Capital Foods wanted to take its unique brands to the large Indian population in North America.

Capital Foods did not have any meaningful presence in big-box North American retailers. The client could have embarked on this journey on their own. Market access is not a real barrier for such strong brands, with a great products portfolio and world-class infrastructure. The business challenge was to identify the right partner and facilitate entry into this large captive market quickly and easily.

We used our relationship with one of North America’s largest retailers and facilitated Capital Foods’ entry to this large market and quickly converted it into one of its largest customers.

Case Studies 07

North America gets a taste of gourmet-quality Indian shrimp

One of the largest retail majors of North America were not able to develop a dependable source of shrimp from India. Inconsistent supply, unreliable partners, and quality issues kept them from capitalising on the opportunity to gain from high-quality Indian shrimp

Bloom provided end-to-end logistics and operational solutions to our retail partner. We also set up the backend for our Indian suppliers, ensuring they could cater to this large buyer effectively. Defining every step of the journey transparently, we helped assure the provenance of the shrimp. From growing, to packing, to processing, to the food safety audit, we helped set up the entire process ensuring all compliance parameters were met

The result was a staggering growth from an on-again-off-again supply relationship, to a fast and consistently growing supply chain in a short space of two years.

Case Studies 08

Freshly squeezed innovation for the fresh juices segment

Bloom Juices was a homegrown venture by Bloom Global in the highly competitive fresh juices segment. We aimed to lead industry disruption and bring the freshest, healthiest product to consumers that wasn’t made from pulp or concentrate. Expanding to 30+ outlets across North India, the rise of Bloom Juices was meteoric. The ‘secret sauce’ was the innovation of Bloom Boosters – an add-on to the fresh juice. Made with all-natural ingredients, paired with health benefits like boosting immunity and bolstered by smart marketing, like targeting the health-conscious at gyms and clinics ensured an overwhelmingly positive response from the market.

A successful, segment-disrupting business, the venture resulted in a successful exit for Bloom Global, as Bloom Juices was acquired soon after.